John C. Lawrence, CEO of the United States Antimony Corporation (Ticker: UAMY) Explains the Upside

December 11, 2017

John C. Lawrence is the Founder and CEO of the United States Antimony Corporation, eastablished in 1969. He mined antimony underground from 23 drifts at Thompson Falls, Montana, built and operated a flotation mill to process antimony ore, and he also built and operated an antimony leach plant, reactor, and electrowinning circuit proprietary furnace systems to produce antimony metal, sodium antimonite and antimony oxide, and remove impurities such as arsenic, lead, bismuth, silver and gold. He is also responsible for smelted ore from China, Mexico, Europe, Bolivia, Peru, Alaska, Canada, Honduras, Guatemala, Australia and the United States. This is the only significant antimony plant left in the United States. Mr. Lawrence holds a B.A. in geology and mineralogy from Hamilton College and a Master of Arts in geology and mineralogy from the University of Wyoming.

In this exclusive interview with the Wall Street Transcript, John Lawrence details the strategic vision for United States Antimony.  “The problem is that the world reserves are being depleted. China, which normally would mine 100% of their smelter feed, is importing 40% of their feed at the present time. The consolidated Murchison mine in South Africa was shut down a couple years ago. The strong Bolivian production is a fraction of what it used to be when Bolivia dominated the world production of antimony. Australia is losing production. And the Beaver Brook Mine in Newfoundland is shut down.  So we have increasing demand with a diminishing reserve. In fact, we’re in a position right now that we’ve sold everything that we can produce. And the demand is very strong. ”

There are other minerals besides antimony in the future product mix.  “So currently, we have 30,000 tons stockpiled that has been mined. It’s primarily gold, and then second in value would be silver, and third would be antimony. And we are ready to start milling that rock and look forward to mining vigorously. We are not sure at this point, but we are thinking that it will be at least a 500-ton mill.”

To learn more about the future value of this Antimony miner, read the entire interview in the Wall Street Transcript.