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"Malcolm Forbes used to say that the most important thing is the person running the show. You guys at The Wall Street Transcript have a great niche. The amount of CEO interviews that you have in one year is mind boggling."
-E.O. Edgerton, Capital Investment Counsel, 05/29/2006

Since 1963 the Wall Street Transcript has interviewed the CEOs and senior executives of public companies, Money Managers handling billions of dollars of assets, and Equity Analysts from leading investment banks around the world and publishing these interviews verbatim.

Over 25,000 interviews are available online in a searchable database at your convenience at twst.com.

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Exclusive CEO Interviews

A Unique Database of CEOs Discussing their Companies

Hundreds of interviews each year with CEOs of public (and some private companies) providing important clues and insights into the Quality of Management and the Company Direction at these firms:

Important Questions Raised - Where is the future growth coming from? How is the market environment changing? What are the competitive challenges facing the company?

Test the Management Style - Is the CEO detailed or vague? Credible or fanciful? Does his style appear to fit the company's needs in a leader? Before you call the CEO - find out what his priorities are for the company.

The Wall Street Transcript has over 20,000 interviews available in its database. For over 40 years the senior executives that create the global economy have delivered their first hand knowledge and strategic market intelligence for review by our subscribers.

Sector Roundtables

Flagship TWST Feature - Unique Investor Resource,

Up to 20 pages of in-depth exchange between top research analysts in the sector - providing a unique review for investors and researchers. Read the analysts debating the main investor issues and naming specific stocks they are recommending to investors. TWST covers approximately 40 major sectors - cycling through them every ten months.

Detailed Reviews of Specific Industry Sectors highlight the most immediate economic issues impacting publicly traded companies and industry players. Probing questions reveal new and impending technological breakthroughs, government regulation, the development and impact of emerging economies around the world, medical advances, and the significance of distribution innovations. Anything that can influence future enterprise valuations is subject to analysis and evaluation.

Multiple Perspectives -
Opinions challenged, recommendations questioned. Different viewpoints protect investors from conventional wisdom or individual biases. Recommendations debated.

Investor Sentiment -
Are institutional investors excited or turned off? A review of where the institutional market is heading provides a vital insight for investors.

Money Manager Interviews

Learn the Investing Secrets of Hundreds of Professional Investors

TWST is unique in providing investors with an inside view of professional portfolio management. From pension funds to the exciting world of hedge funds, TWST makes it easy to access the insights of full-time managers of assets.

Investment Strategies - What approach do they take to investing, what are they looking for and how do they pick stocks? Get new ideas by reading what top professionals are doing.

Investment Environment - While sell-side may emphasize the positive, the buy-siders TWST interviews give it to us straight - how they see the investment environment, which assets classes or sectors they are moving into, and how they see the future.

Stock Ideas - Top Tier Money Managers and Equity Analysts are asked to justify their investment philosophies with specific current examples.

Analyst Interviews

Individual Sector Reviews by Analysts that cover them

Niche Sector reviews on hundreds of investment sectors from analysts at large and boutique Research Firms. Stock ideas and Sector Research:

Sector Trends - What are the issues driving the sector? What sub-sectors are thriving, and which suffering?

New Sectors - Discover complete newly defined investment sectors, as the leading edge analysts redefine industries. Understand new areas of biotech, internet technology, homeland security and other evolving sectors as they emerge in response to changing markets and capital inflows.

Investment Ideas - Analysts name their favorite stocks - often smaller names that might be new or lesser-known. Find out what they are telling institutional investors.

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