United States Antimony Corporation (UAMY) to Increase Annual Production to 25 Million Pounds

April 28, 2014

John Lawrence, Founder and CEO of United States Antimony Corporation (UAMY), says his three- to five-year plan for the company includes a production increase to 25 million pounds of antimony per year. Lawrence says there currently is a large appetite for non-Chinese antimony, and as a result, he says his company is scrambling to produce more.

“We have five operating mines in Mexico, two mills and two smelters. Right now, we have the pleasant problem of mining more than we can actually smelt,” Lawrence says. “We just became permitted to install four more furnaces in Mexico, and we are currently building them.”


In addition, Lawrence says United States Antimony is hooking up a natural gas pipeline to its smelter to replace propane. And, he says the company is applying for a permit to install two larger furnaces and additional smaller furnaces.

“That is expected to reduce our energy costs — our major cost — by up to 70% and increase our furnace efficiency,” Lawrence says.