Tommy Bahama Branded Boomer Botanical Treatments from Boomer Holdings (OTCMKTS:BOMH)

October 2, 2020

Michael Quaid was appointed CEO of Boomer Holdings, Inc. at its formation in August 2019. Earlier, he was the majority owner and Managing Director of Typhoon FX trading platforms. Previously, Mr. Quaid was Managing Partner at KCCO II Trading and was head of European derivatives for S.G. Warburg & Co. in London.

In this 2,859 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Quaid details his company’s prospects for investors.

“The company has two divisions: the Healthy Living Division and the PPE — personal protective equipment — Division. The Healthy Living Division features our doctor-formulated Boomer Botanics line. This line is actually an alternative to CBD.

It features all-natural ingredients, which are FDA-compliant. The products promote a strong immune system and can help with inflammatory issues, pain and anxiety.

We have co-branded these products with Tommy Bahama. Brandt Jobe, who is a professional golfer on the PGA Champions Tour, is our spokesman for the sports world.

The PPE Division was developed in the spring of 2020 in concert with our Medical Advisory Board. We have a multitude of offerings, but our flagship product is our Boomer Naturals’ reusable face mask.

Our face masks are WHO- and CDC-compliant. They have three layers of cotton-poly infused nanosilver technology. They’ve tested out at 99.99% anti-microbial. They come in six sizes — four adult sizes, two children sizes — and would be considered our flagship product.”

The Tommy Bahama botanical treatment has seen early success:

“And I will tell you that most people that try those Botanics products fall in love with them. We were at the PGA Merchandise Show in January, and we handed out a lot of our pain roll-ons, thousands of them.

And over the next two or three days after we handed them out, people just kept coming back saying, “You may have just changed my life. This gave me instant relief, and I’ve never had anything else like it.” We’ve heard that from so many people. And to get the feedback from our distribution networks in the chiropractic world, it’s something that once people try it, they like it, and they’ll keep using it.”

The company is also selling and distributing PPE:

“…the New York City Department of Veteran Services, we were able to get them 40,000 masks, also a partnership with Partnership With Native Americans, or PWNA, Boys and Girls Clubs in several cities and several schools that were truly in need of these face masks.

A lot of the school systems set up guidelines and didn’t come through with the funding. And so where there was a need and we could help out, we did so. We’re thrilled to do that. We continue to do it.”

Get the compete detail on this newly public company by reading the entire 2,859 word interview, only in the Wall Street Transcript.