Lentivector Platform Leader is Ready to Break Out and Profit from Coming Wave of Treatments

September 17, 2018

Stuart Paynter is Chief Financial Officer of Oxford BioMedica plc. Mr. Paynter joined Oxford BioMedica and the board in August 2017. He has 16 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and health care sectors. He qualified as a chartered accountant with Haines Watts before moving to EDS. He subsequently joined Steris and worked in a variety of roles within the health care and life sciences divisions, prior to becoming the European Finance Director. He then moved to Shire pharmaceuticals where he became the senior director of finance business partnering for all business outside of the U.S. He then moved to a corporate finance role before becoming the global head of internal audit. Prior to joining Oxford BioMedica, he was head of finance business partnering at De La Rue plc.  In this exclusive 3,519 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript, he describes the high growth strategy of Oxford BioMedica, a leader in the new gene therapy platform sector.

“Oxford BioMedica is one of the world’s leading gene and cell therapy companies that has a lentivirus-based platform. In the world of gene and cell therapy, there really are two vector approaches: the AAV — adeno-associated virus — approach and the lenti family-based approach that includes both lentivectors and gamma-retro vectors. We deal exclusively on the lenti side. This focus enabled us to partner with companies like Novartis, our lead partner on the launched product in the U.S. called Kymriah, which is an ex vivo therapy…We take a dual approach for use of the lentivector platform. We license it out to our partners, and we also have a product development team in-house.”

The company has a complete lock on this important gene therapy system:

“In terms of our uniqueness, we have safety patents on the lentivector platform out to 2023 and some manufacturing patents that go out to the end of the 2020s and into the 2030s. At the moment, we are the only launched lentivecto…We also have very significant know-how in terms of how to make lenti without destroying most of it. It is a complex process. We have gone the furthest along in characterizing it. Like I say, we are the only commercially and FDA-approved manufacturer of lenti in the world, so we have a proven solution.”

Read the complete 3,519 word interview with Stuart Paynter, Chief Financial Officer of Oxford BioMedica in the Wall Street Transcript to get the full picture of this exciting high growth company.