Data I/O Corporation (DAIO) Growth Coming from Internet of Things and Automotive Electronics

December 28, 2015

Featured in The Wall Street Transcript’s Best CEO Interviews of 2015

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Anthony Ambrose, President and CEO of Data I/O Corporation (DAIO), interviewed with TWST for this year’s Electronic Components and Semiconductors report. In this interview, Ambrose discussed DAIO‘s growth catalysts.

Anthony Ambrose
Anthony Ambrose

Ambrose said growth has been coming from automotive:

Our first is Automotive Electronics, which has been a very, very large growth area for us. Traditionally that has been about 20%, 25% of our revenue. Last year, it was 30%, and so far this year, through the first half, it’s closer to 50%.

What we are seeing is real revolution in the way automotive electronics are built. There is a lot more functionality being put into automotive electronics. You hear a lot of talk about self-driving vehicles. That’s the sizzle, if you will, the steak underneath that is just a massive growth of all sorts of sensors, electronics computing power and memory, which grows our market substantially for programming services in the automotive industry.

He also said DAIO has seen significant growth from from the IoT trend:

The second big area we are seeing is the Internet of Things, and this is a very broad bucket, if you will, of products in the market. We define it as things like wearables; smart home devices; smart office devices, including lighting; and the extension of our traditional industrial markets to, again, require more programming. We have had a number of wins in that area as well, and we think over the longer term, Internet of Things will become an increasingly large part of our business.