Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc. (HLX) Set to Beat 2014 Expectations

January 14, 2014

Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc. (HLX) could beat expectations this year, according to IBERIA Capital Partners Analyst Trey Stolz. He says one of Helix’s business segments was performing well in the fourth quarter, and he expects that growth to continue into this year.

“They are in deepwater well intervention,” Stolz says. “It’s a segment really in its infancy, as you have a larger well count out there in the deepwater, more and more need to service those wells, Helix is directly exposed to that, and on top of that, there are other business ROVs and robotics like trenchers, things like that for lane cable in deepwater.”


Following a positive press release from Helix in December, Stolz was recommending it as one of the best ways for investors to get exposure to offshore services.

“We felt very positively on the segment in particular for a while. And we think there is easy money to be had in the near term,” Stolz says. “On Helix, we think it’s priced pretty cheaply currently.”