John Ullman & Associates Has Some Interesting Top Stock Picks for 2019 and Beyond

December 3, 2018

John Ullman is President and Founder of John G. Ullman & Associates, Inc. Earlier, he was President of USGM Securities, Inc., and at Corning Inc. worked in financial management. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Johns Hopkins University. He received an MBA from the University of Chicago, with a focus in financial management. He was named the Corning Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year in 1997.

In this exclusive 6,428 word interview, Mr. Ullman details how to create a successful asset management company with his top portfolio picks for 2019 and beyond.

“We just finished our 40th year of operation, and we believe we have a very special organization. The concept is to be the family business manager, handling essentially everything that is quasi or directly financial-related for extended families. This would include asset management, financial planning, and in the financial planning area, it gets involved with cash flow studies and projections, establishing risk tolerances for investments, tax planning and preparation, insurance reviews, estate planning and many other types of related projects.”

One example of a risk on trade for these experienced portfolio managers is an interesting one:

“We’ve always preferred Emerson over General Electric, but we’re finding GE at these current values to be intriguing, but there is certainly a genuine risk that they’re not going to make it through. The stock, now in the mid-$8 range, could be under a lot more pressure, but if you look at risk/reward opportunity, I think there’s a lot of upside if they can make good strategic decisions, be highly focused and realize they’re going to have to go through further dramatic changes and decide which businesses to hold on to and which to sell, and then try to make those they hold to be very successful. A lot of their businesses are really good businesses.

So you know, one may want to take that on, but you have to be really careful not to have too much exposure in something like General Electric. It can turn very sour, but at these levels, there is a lot of potential underlying value. And it is of interest to us but with limited exposures per account, and we are viewing it as highly speculative.”

Get the full detail on this stock pick and many others in this exclusive 6,428 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript.