Grandeur Peak Creates Global Portfolio Winners from the Ground Up

January 7, 2019


Benjamin Gardiner is a Research Analyst with a focus on the global health care sector at Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, LLC. He is also a member of the Global Opportunities team and helps lead Grandeur Peak’s efforts in Central Asia and the U.K.

Mr. Gardiner graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in mathematics. He officially joined Grandeur Peak in 2013 but had previously spent a number of years building financial models for his father, Robert Gardiner.

Stuart Rigby is a Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst at Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, LLC. Mr. Rigby is a Portfolio Manager of the Grandeur Peak Global Reach Fund (MUTF:GPROX) and the Grandeur Peak Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund (MUTF:GPEOX).

He is also a Senior Research Analyst with a specialty focus on the technology sector globally. He is a key member of the team covering the United States, South Korea and India. Mr. Rigby joined Grandeur Peak in 2012 after receiving an MBA from Cornell University.

During his graduate program, Mr. Rigby interned at Epic Ventures. Prior to that, Mr. Rigby spent six years in the tech industry working for two venture-backed companies as a software developer and product manager.  In this 3,849 word interview, exclusive to the Wall Street Transcript, these “go anywhere” portfolio managers detail their investing philosophy and top picks for 2019.

Benjamin Gardiner puts it this way:

“We invest from a fundamental bottom-up approach. So we go where the companies take us. We really don’t pride ourselves on making big macro calls or anything like that. Ultimately, we are just trying to find great companies that we can own. And then, I’d say, the last thing that is core to our investment philosophy is our long-term perspective. We are not looking for next year’s greatest trade. We are really just looking out five to 10 years to try to find great companies that can grow for a long time and be a lot bigger in a decade.”

One example of the result of this process is Dechra Pharmaceutical (LSE:DPH):

“This company sells pharmaceuticals to the animal health care industry. We think that is a pretty big theme to play with — the humanization of pets. We have seen consumers spending more on their pets every year, and we don’t really see that trend changing any time soon. We have known Dechra’s management team for a long time, and they have done a terrific job at executing on their strategy. The company has a strong competitive positioning based on a diversified portfolio of niche specialty products, and ultimately, we really like the business model because it generates strong cash flows and has proven to be quite stable over time.”

Get the rest of the top picks from this award winning portfolio management team by reading the complete 3,849 word interview only in the Wall Street Transcript.