Stuart Rigby and Liping Cai List Top Picks in Their Grandeur Peak Global Reach Fund — GPROX

August 21, 2017


Stuart Rigby and Liping Cai, CFA are Portfolio Managers and Senior Research Analysts at Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, LLC. Mr. Rigby and Ms. Cai run the Grandeur Peak Global Reach Fund — GPROX.  In their exclusive interview with the Wall Street Transcript, they detail their extraordinary ability to put high return stocks in their portfolio.

Mr. Rigby explains how his organization with multiple research analysts can find unknown quality companies around the world:  “Having global analysts gives us a unique opportunity to connect global dots. Anywhere we go, we usually know who the competitors are regionally and globally, as well as who the players are in adjacent spaces. We’re looking for companies that can stay ahead of their competitors wherever they’re located.”

Ms. Cai states that their global ability to screen and source companies leads to unique investments.  “There have been a number of times when we gave a local broker a list of names which we had identified through our internal screening process, where the broker said something like, “I’ve been a broker here for 10 years, but I don’t know several of these companies.” Or, we will visit a company and the management team will say something like, “You are the first U.S. investor we have seen.”

Ms. Cai gives an interesting example from the portfolio:  “…the China Medical (HKG:0867) sales army covers over 10,000 hospitals in China, and until recently has mostly been selling products the company in-licensed from Western pharmaceutical companies.  In the past couple of years management started to shift their strategy and has spent over $1 billion in acquiring assets and product rights, to gain better control of products.”

To get more top picks from Ms. Cai and Mr. Rigby and see more detail on the investing methodology of Grandeur Peak Global Reach fund, visit the Wall Street Transcript for their exclusive interview.