Columbus-McKinnon Corporation President and CEO Mark Morelli Lists the Near Term Product Development Led Growth

September 24, 2018

Mark D. Morelli is President and Chief Executive Office of Columbus McKinnon Corporation. He joined the Columbus McKinnon executive team in February 2017. Mr. Morelli served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Brooks Automation from 2012 to 2016. Previous to his role at Brooks Automation, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Energy Conversion Devices, an alternative energy company. Prior to that, Mr. Morelli was with United Technologies from 1993 to 2007, where he progressed through product management, marketing, strategy and increasing responsibilities of general management. His last assignment was as President of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration. Mr. Morelli began his career as a U.S. Army officer and helicopter pilot, serving as a company commander of an attack helicopter unit.

In this 2,218 word interview, exclusive to the Wall Street Transcript, Mark Morelli details the Columbus McKinnon success story.

“We sell into the construction industry, which has evolved a lot over the last couple of years. New construction markets, whether it would be commercial or related to roads and bridges, have all expanded quite significantly, as companies have been willing to spend more and there have been greater investments in infrastructure. We also sell into the mining industry, which has gone through 10-plus years of being somewhat depressed but has started to improve, buoyed by improved commodity prices. We sell as well into oil and gas, which has been through quite a recovery the last couple of years. This is a market in which we sell much of our explosion-protected products…We sell into the power utilities markets, where the utility infrastructure is expanding and power generation is being refurbished. We sell into the transportation industries, such as aerospace and automotive. Those markets have been fairly robust over the last couple of years. And we also serve the general heavy equipment manufacturing markets, where capex expansion has served that industry quite favorably, and our products are favored there as well…Another key vertical we sell into is the entertainment industry, where our products are used for their high reliability and safety to serve demanding applications, such as hanging speakers, lights and other equipment over a crowd.”

Get the complete detail on the prospects for this interesting industrial company in the 2,218 word interview at the Transcript.