Cubic Corporation President and CEO Bradley Feldman Sees Strong Tailwinds and Large Near Term Growth Business Development for his Company

September 24, 2018

Bradley H. Feldmann has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cubic Corporation since July 2014. Overseeing the operations of Cubic’s three business divisions, Cubic Transportation Systems, Cubic Global Defense and Cubic Mission Solutions, Mr. Feldmann implements management and operation processes as well as overall strategic vision for the corporation. He was appointed to the board of directors in May 2014 and was elected as Chairman of the board in February 2018. As President and CEO, Mr. Feldmann has led several innovation initiatives, such as the implementation of IdeaSpark — an innovation social ecosystem enabling Cubic employees to solicit and share ideas across the organization. These ideas include the development of new products, improvements to current products or developing solutions to address customer needs. Under Mr. Feldmann’s leadership, Cubic took important steps to transform the company’s global IT infrastructure into a scalable, efficient and effective system through the rollout of the Global Enterprise Management — GEM — initiative. Prior to assuming his role as President and CEO, Mr. Feldmann served as the President and Chief Operating Officer as well as the President of the holding companies comprising the Cubic Defense Systems. Mr. Feldmann is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Institute and holds a Master of Business Administration with honors from San Diego State University. He is also a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and a top graduate of the USAF Squadron Officer School.

In his 3,156 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Bradley Feldmann details the near term growth initiatives that will drive his company to the next level.  Overall, the President and CEO of Cubic Corporation sees a very positive near term economy as a benefit:  “…We are doing work in some 40 countries today. We’ve been training fighter pilots in the United States and its allies since the 1970s. Our transport business is in many major metropolitan cities. In fact, it’s quite exciting in the United Kingdom, North America and Australia. We actually touch 70% of all the people who use mass transit. We have a very strong international business. In fact, about half of our revenue comes from outside the United States.”

To get the complete detail on these exciting developments at Cubic Corporation, read the entire 3,156 word interview with Bradley H. Feldmann, President and Chief Executive Officer, in the Wall Street Transcript.