George Robson

GEORGE ROBSON is Executive Vice President of Dendrite International,
Inc., the pharmaceutical industry’s leading provider of CRM solutions,
sales force effectiveness tools, analytical tools, and e-clinical trial
services. In his current position, he works with Chairman and CEO John
Bailye on corporate strategy and development. As CFO, he implemented a
strategy that produced revenue growth from $65 million in 1997 to $214
million in 2000, increased operating margin to 21%, generated over $100
million of cash flow from operations, and provided returns to
shareholders in excess of 50%. Prior to joining Dendrite, Mr. Robson
served as Senior Vice President and CFO of Unisys Corporation. He also
held positions as Vice President and Corporate Controller, and Vice
President-Finance, Product Operations. In addition, he worked at
Burroughs Corporation as a Controller in several of its operating
groups. Mr. Robson began his professional career at IBM, where he held
various positions in control, planning, and pricing. He has a BS in
Finance and Economics from The Wharton School, University of
Pennsylvania, and an MS in Management Science from the State University
of New York at Binghamton.