Wade Guenther Sees Greater Upside in German Stocks: Low Cost Exposure through DAX ETF

September 18, 2017

Wade Guenther, CFA, is a Portfolio Manager at Horizons ETFs Management (US) LLC.   Mr. Guenther supports and supervises other portfolio managers with futures trades, corporate actions, currency hedging, equity trading, and provides approvals for trade execution.

Mr. Guenther is an advocate of the German stock market and manages the German market ETF for Horizons.  “The DAX Germany ETF essentially is indexed to the DAX Index and holds the 30 stocks in the DAX Index, which again are the largest and most liquid stocks in Germany… the DAX ETF has the lowest-cost exposure to German stocks in the U.S. EWG has a 48-basis-points fee, while our DAX ETF was at 20 basis points.”

Mr. Guenther sees the DAX as the way to play Brexit, as “Germany has been the largest and fastest-growing economy in the European Union. We see this as a positive investment opportunity for our ETF. Germany has the potential to benefit significantly if the Brexit actually materializes. We view that the Brexit benefits could result in higher fees and tariffs on imported and exported goods from Germany to Britain, so it could end up increasing or having a benefit to the corporations in Germany through larger tax revenue.”

To read the entire analysis of the German stock market as Brexit unfolds, visit the exclusive interview of Wade Guenther of Horizons at the Wall Street Transcript.