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Providing Low-Cost Exposure to German Stocks in the U.S.

Guenther, Wade
Wade Guenther, CFA, is Portfolio Manager at Horizons ETFs Management (US) LLC. Mr. Guenther has worked in the financial services industry for approximately 16 years, including eight years in the exchange traded fund — ETF — industry, with the last six years at Horizons ETFs Management. Mr. Guenther has earned promotions in multiple roles at Horizons ETFs including ETF Analyst, Senior Portfolio Analyst and Assistant Portfolio Manager prior to his current role as a licensed portfolio manager. Through each of these roles, Mr. Guenther has gained significant experience and achieved an expert level of knowledge relevant to the ETF industry in various categories, including ETF product construction and mechanics, back office accounting, ETF performance attribution analysis and other analysis metrics, industry research, product development, business strategy, client management, equity, options and futures trading, and currency hedging. Mr. Guenther became a VP and Portfolio Manager in June 2015. Mr. Guenther's primary responsibilities in this role include managing the forward structure, fixed notional being allocated, cash and T-bill balances, and exposure levels of the leveraged, inverse leveraged and swap-based indexed ETFs. Other key accountabilities in this role include quantitative volatility analysis for determining written option positions at various exposure levels for discretionary covered call ETF portfolios. Additional responsibilities of Mr. Guenther include supporting and supervising other portfolio managers with futures trades, corporate actions, currency hedging, equity trading, determining suitability of all aforementioned trades and providing approvals for trade execution. Mr. Guenther holds a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, with a major in political science with a concentration in physics and applied mathematics. Mr. Guenther is a licensed futures supervisor in Canada, Series 7- and 63-licensed in the U.S. and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst — CFA — designation from the CFA Institute, Charlottesville, Virginia. Profile
TWST: Tell us about the firm as well as your role in it.

Mr. Guenther: We are Horizons ETFs, and we have global offices in Canada and Korea and are expanding