SunTrust Robinson Humphrey Aerospace and Defense Equity Analyst Sees Fast Track to Growth in Small Cap Military Supply Chain

October 1, 2018

Michael Ciarmoli joined SunTrust Robinson Humphrey in late 2016 as Director to cover the aerospace and defense sector. He has more than nine years of experience as a senior publishing analyst. Most recently, he was an Executive Director at KeyBanc for six years, with prior experience at Boenning & Scattergood and Emerging Growth Equities. Mr. Ciarmoli spent the previous five years as a consultant and product specialist at Accenture and Wilmington Trust Company respectively.  In his exclusive 2,443 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript, this award winning equity analyst picks the best of the best in this important stock sector.

“I would say that since 2016, the most notable changes have been within the defense sector of our coverage universe. Starting with the election of President Trump, we have become even more optimistic and bullish on the defense stocks. What we’ve seen transpire since that 2016 election has been a decidedly positive uptick in the trajectory of U.S. defense spending and a commencement of a defense spending up cycle that will result in the recapitalization of military equipment, a return to readiness and increases to force structure…We’re now just starting to see the positive effects of budget increases flow through in terms of defense spending outlays as reported by the U.S. Treasury. And accordingly, the defense sector is showing an uptick in revenue growth and bookings, which is improving investor sentiment.”

Michael Ciarmoli is not seeing alot to worry about with the incipient China trade war:  “Although China would probably like to potentially block future purchases and deliveries of Boeing airplanes, I think the reality is they’re going to need those planes to satisfy their demand in order to achieve their global economic growth objectives. China simply cannot shift its entire order book over to AirbusAirbus doesn’t have the capacity.”

To find some specific small cap picks, read the entire 2,443 word intervew in the Wall Street Transcript.