Percutaneous Valve Replacement Therapy Just One Healthcare Investing Theme for Equity Strategy

October 22, 2018

Frederick L. Weiss, CFA, is a Senior Investment Manager and leads the research efforts of CIBC Private Wealth Management’s investment team. Mr. Weiss is also co-manager of the firm’s Mid-Cap Growth Equity Strategy, where he is responsible for researching the technology and health care sectors of the market.

He came to the firm in 1989 from Adams, Harkness & Hill, where he was a vice president and senior analyst covering the technology and health care sectors. Mr. Weiss earned a Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude from Harvard College and a Master of Business Administration with honors from the Harvard Business School.

In this exclusive 3,432 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Weiss details his investment process.

“The goal is to find great companies and keep on making sure that we have that discipline in finding really high-quality companies, because if you go in and you buy high-quality companies, a lot of times, the Street is interested more in what the next quarter is, what the next two quarters are. And you can find companies that over three or four or five years are going to compound at a much higher rate than the short-term focus on current business and climate.”

Health care investing is a big focus:

“…The big trends in health care that we have been focusing on are two. One is innovation, where you look for companies with breakthrough opportunities. One of the big areas we’re investing in, in this space, is medical devices, where there’s a new technology that’s been out there, but it’s still middle of the way through its product life cycle, is percutaneous valves, where you put in a new heart valve without cracking the chest open.”

“The other major innovation area that we’ve been investing in is immuno-oncology, which is basically helping your immune system fight the cancer rather than chemotherapy…”

Get all the investing management details in this 3,432 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript.