Moleculin Biotech CEO Walter Klemp Wants to Advance this Cure for Cancer

October 15, 2018

Walter V. Klemp is President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Moleculin Biotech, Inc. Mr. Klemp has been Moleculin Biotech’s Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO since 2007.

Mr. Klemp has 29 years of experience in startup and high growth companies, the past nine of which have been spent developing FDA-approved dermatology therapy devices and topical compounds.

Mr. Klemp was also President and CEO of Zeno Corporation from 2004 to 2010, where he successfully developed and marketed a number of dermatology devices and drugs from concept through FDA approval. Previously, Mr. Klemp served as Founder, CEO and Chairman of Drypers Corporation, a publicly traded multinational consumer products company, from 1987 to 2000.

At Drypers, Mr. Klemp developed growth strategies, orchestrated mergers and acquisitions, and grew the company from startup to $400 million in annualized sales and to a number-one ranking on the INC 500.

Notably, he has overseen nearly $750 million in public and private financings throughout his career.

In this exclusive 3,775 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Walter Klemp details his strategy for developing his biotech development company:

“Moleculin has really three core technologies. The best way to characterize the three, without going too deeply into the science, is to say, one is a somewhat familiar chemotherapy approach that focuses on destroying the DNA of rapidly replicating tumor cells. That is a drug that we have named Annamycin that is being tested for AML — acute myeloid leukemia. It avoids several of the major pitfalls of the current chemotherapies available for leukemia patients.”

The key success factor for Moleculin is the sustainable advantage of its therapies:

“…The problem has been that most of those glucose decoys are very rapidly metabolized and have trouble crossing the blood-brain barrier. We have a collection of molecules that are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, and we think there will be therapeutic quantities that have a much longer half-life. They stay in the system long enough to hopefully have an effect.”

Read the entire 3,775 word interview with Walter Klemp in the Wall Street Transcript to get all the information.