Keith Kendall, CEO of Aquestive, Reveals the Muliple Product Launch Strategy that will Drive the Stock Price for His Investors

October 25, 2018

Keith J. Kendall is Chief Executive Officer of Aquestive Therapeutics. Keith Kendall assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Aquestive in 2014 after serving as Co-President and Chief Operating Officer for the company since 2011. Mr. Kendall also served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Aquestive since July 2006.

From February 1999 to June 2006, he was the Vice President and Managing Director of the Americas for Hewlett Packard Financial Services. Mr. Kendall held a number of positions with AT&T Capital Corporation, including President of AT&T Credit Corporation and NCR Credit Corporation from 1985 to 1998.

In this exclusive 2,929 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript, CEO Keith Kendall details the multi-product roll out strategy for his company:

“The centerpieces of that part of our story are three central nervous system — CNS — products. One, Sympazan, already has a tentative approval from the FDA. Two others are Libervant for breakthrough seizures and the molecule riluzole for treatment of ALS.

We hope to submit NDAs in 2018 for both Libervant and shortly thereafter for riluzole. Pending FDA review and approval, we expect to launch these treatments in 2019, right behind Sympazan. That is the focus of our investor story right now.”

One of the treatments replaces an invasive application method:

“The reference product for Libervant is Diastat, which is delivered as a rectal gel with an applicator that would just barely fit inside an eight-inch space.

Aquestive will deliver that medication as a buccally applied filmstrip, which is placed on the inside of a cheek. We think that delivery option creates a great deal of benefit for patients who have to interact with that medication in acute situations to deter breakthrough seizures.”

Read the complete 2,929 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript with Keith Kendall to get the other product developments that will drive the stock price for investors at Aquestive Therapeutics.