John Campbell of Stephens Inc. Invests in the High Growth Real Estate Technology Stocks

May 12, 2018

John Campbell is a Managing Director and Research Analyst covering real estate-related stocks across a handful of industries for Stephens Inc. He joined Stephens Inc. in 2011 as a Research Associate in the business services and insurance brokerage space. Mr. Campbell was promoted into a lead analyst role in 2014, and has since built and currently leads the firm’s Real Estate Services practice. Prior to joining Stephens Inc., Mr. Campbell spent time as a corporate strategy planning analyst at FedEx. He holds a B.A. in banking and finance and an MBA from Ole Miss.  In this exclusive interview in the Wall Street Transcript, John Campbell finds the high growth names in the real estate sector.

I think it’s probably best to break my list into a couple of different buckets. The first one would be the real estate brokerage versus the hybrid and tech-enabled real estate brokerages that are coming about. When you look at that side, you’ve got the traditional player like Realogy (NYSE:RLGY) or RE/MAX (NYSE:RMAX). Realogy owns Coldwell Banker and CENTURY 21, a lot of the household names that you’re familiar with.”

“And then there are the up-and-coming players that are utilizing technology to a much greater extent, like Redfin (NASDAQ:RDFN). There’s a U.K.-based company called Purplebricks (OTCMKTS:PRPPF) that is taking a lot of share and is now expanding overseas and is starting to establish somewhat of a beachhead here in the U.S. And then you’ve got guys like Compass on the private side, which just got $450 million of funding from SoftBank (OTCMKTS:SFTBF) — the biggest U.S. real estate tech investment we’ve ever seen. So you’ve got a trend of the old players doing OK in a market that hasn’t changed quite as much as some might believe, and I think they continue to take share here and there, but you’ve got this kind of overarching threat coming from some of the newer players and the possibility that the industry or the way we buy and sell houses completely changes from what we are all used to seeing.”

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