inTEST Corporation President and CEO James Pelrin has Acquisition Plans for his Company

September 24, 2018

James Pelrin has served as inTEST Corporation’s President and Chief Executive Officer since January of 2018. Prior to his appointment as CEO, Mr. Pelrin was the company’s Chief Operating Officer and director since May of 2017 and Executive Vice President since November 2015. Mr. Pelrin served inTEST for the past 16 years, as Vice President since August 2006 and as General Manager – Thermal Products Segment since November 2004. In addition, Mr. Pelrin has served as President of the company’s subsidiary, Temptronic Corporation, since December 2008. Prior to that, Mr. Pelrin served as the General Manager of Temptronic Corporation since joining inTEST in October 2001.  In this exclusive 2,492 word interview, James Perlin describes the growth drivers and the specific business tactics he is using to unlock new markets for inTest:

“…We’re very heavily involved in the semiconductor industry, and IoT in turn is very heavily dependent upon semiconductor products and semiconductor devices. IoT is still very much an emerging market whose potential is only just beginning to be unlocked. It’s really visible everywhere from things that talk to each other, like the voice-controlled assistant Alexa products and compatible devices, to connected smart cars and vehicles, which has been the most visible and familiar example of IoT technology. There’s just a whole host of applications, and it’s only going to get further and further expanded into our daily lives.”

The inTEST Corporation President and CEO is very specific about his development strategy:

“…The linchpin of our strategy for growth is through acquisition. Over the last 20 years, inTEST has made six acquisitions. In fact, last year, those six acquisitions accounted for 81% of our revenue. So we have a proven track record of being able to acquire businesses, assimilate them and to grow.”

Get the full detail on the markets and sectors where inTEST believes its acquisition strategy will create enormous growth potential in the exclusive 2,492 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript.