Hessam Nadji, CEO of Marcus & Millichap, Owns the Microcap Commercial Real Estate Investment Sector

April 30, 2018

Hessam Nadji is President and Chief Executive Officer of Marcus & Millichap, Inc., a leading commercial real estate firm specializing in investment sales, financing, research and advisory services. He joined Marcus & Millichap in 1996 as Vice President of research and advisory services and helped position the firm as a leading provider of research on market trends, analyses and property expertise. Over the years, his role expanded to include marketing and strategy, enabling him to play a key role in establishing and growing Marcus & Millichap’s national brand. In 2010, Mr. Nadji assumed the leadership role for the firm’s national specialty brokerage divisions, which grew rapidly under his leadership. Mr. Nadji also played a leading role in the preparation and execution of the firm’s IPO in 2013 as Marcus & Millichap’s Chief Strategy Officer. He was named President and CEO in April 2016. Mr. Nadji is frequently sourced on behalf of the firm by national business media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily,Real Estate Forum, CNBC, Fox Business TV, Bloomberg TV and numerous commercial real estate publications.

In his exclusive interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Nadji explores the intrinsic value of his company Marcus & Millichap.

“Our company was founded in 1971 to serve a special niche in the commercial real estate marketplace: the marketing and selling of investment real estate, predominantly for the private individual investor and small partnerships. It just so happens that microcap commercial real estate transactions, defined as transactions under $10 million, make up somewhere between 80% and 85% of all commercial real estate transactions in the U.S. every year. It’s the largest segment of the market but gets the least amount of media coverage…”

A fortunate positive for the real estate market is the new US tax law:

“…If you look at the broad picture of the tax law, it is favorable toward commercial property investment. For starters, the 1031 tax-deferred exchange program stayed intact. You can exchange like-kind properties and roll the equity of your asset into a like-kind property while deferring taxes. The mortgage interest deduction also remained intact. Additionally, flow-through entities that invest in commercial real estate, whose taxation was just reduced by 20%, is one of the key favorable outcomes of the new tax law.”

To get more valuable information on Marcus & Millichap, read the entire interview with its CEO, Hessam Nadji.