Hans Mosesmann Has 30 Years of Semiconductor Research Experience: His Current Stock Picks

July 14, 2020

Hans C. Mosesmann is Managing Director of Rosenblatt Securities Inc. Prior to joining Rosenblatt Securities, where Mr. Mosesmann is a long-standing analyst, he was an electrical engineer who spent a decade working at the chipmakers Texas Instruments and Advanced Micro Devices before moving to Wall Street in 1996.

Mr. Mosesmann spent a decade at Raymond James & Associates, Inc. covering the semiconductor industry. Prior to that, he worked as an equity analyst for several boutiques, including Needham & Company, LLC, Volpe Brown Whelan & Co. and Soundview Securities, as well as Prudential Securities.

In his 3,359 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript, the award winning analyst Mr. Mosesmann gives his current research into the semiconductor sector for investors:

“What we can discern, at the moment, is that about 40% to 45% of semiconductor sales are seeing a period of enhanced demand, where the work-from-home and learn-from-home dynamics have changed the business of semiconductors.

Cloud activity, data center activity, and the need for notebooks and PCs have changed for the better. Some areas have gone quite bad, including industrial and automotive. Some consumer and smartphone-related markets are not good at all.”

The development of new technologies also leads Mr. Mosesmann to specific investment opportunities:

“The amount of computing power that is necessary to do AI-based systems is very, very different relative to what it had been in the past, as in, for example, recognizing traffic patterns or individual faces, say, if you’re looking for a criminal.

There are implications for the players from a semiconductor perspective that in past decades they have been very successful in doing certain things within their portfolio of products and their skill sets.

Is it adaptable to this new form of computing, of which AI is one? Obviously, NVIDIA has done pioneering work in the area of AI, including in AI in the data center, that a lot of other companies are starting to try to catch up with.

There are some significant implications with some of these new AI-related areas in computing and in semiconductors in general.

TWST: Do you have a “buy” rating on NVIDIA?

Mr. Mosesmann: Yes, we do actually. The company has done a fantastic job at transforming their graphics-related gaming, and portfolio products have become more of a data center AI play…”

Get the full detail on this company, and many other stock recommendations from Mr. Mosesmann, in this 3,359 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript.