Hans Mosesmann Knows Semiconductor Stocks and He’s Banging the Table for These

July 5, 2018

Hans C. Mosesmann is a Managing Director at Rosenblatt Securities Inc. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Mosesmann was an electrical engineer who spent a decade working at chipmakers Texas Instruments and Advanced Micro Devices before moving to Wall Street in 1996. Mr. Mosesmann spent a decade at Raymond James & Associates, Inc. covering the semiconductor industry. Prior to that, he worked as an Equity Analyst for several boutiques including Needham & Company, LLC, Volpe Brown Whelan & Co. and Soundview Securities, as well as Prudential Securities. Mr. Mosesmann holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Florida and an MBA in finance from Loyola University of Maryland.

In this exclusive interview with the Wall Street Transcript, this award winning Semiconductor stock wizard picks the winners and loser over the next few years:

“…The secular trends that we saw 20 years ago, where the PC market was driving demand, or 10 years ago, where the wireless market was driving overall semiconductor demand, have changed. The PC market obviously has matured and has commenced its secular decline. The wireless markets, after a period of hyper growth have kind of flattened out. There are still some segments that are growing on the higher end of the smartphone market…Going forward, there are new markets that are emerging or are currently around that are driving demand, and those are the data center markets and hyperscale cloud.”

Hans Mosesmann sees a big shift in market share among the semiconductor giants:

“For example, Intel (INTC) has nearly 100% of the server market, and AMD (AMD) has nearly zero. History would suggest that when AMD has a good product, and they do today I think, they can capture up to 25% of the market, a market that today is close to $20 billion. So a company like AMD could capture billions of dollars in market share just on microprocessors in two to three years.”

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