Forget FANG, Time to Gas Up Says Hal Eddins of Capital Investment Companies

September 18, 2017

Hal Eddins is a Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Investment Adviser and Broker with the Capital Investment Companies.  He has worked at Capital Investment for over 30 years.  Along with Kurt Dressler, Mr. Eddins manages a portfolio where his investment thesis advocates contrarian investing.  In his exclusive interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Hal Eddins encourages investors to leave the crowded FANG trade:

“When you start looking at Facebook, which wasn’t even a public company 10 years ago. Now it has got a $500 billion market cap and a p/e of 37. I know that Amazon is valued differently with a p/e of 235, and I realize that they are growing rapidly. Google has got a p/e of 33. When you are looking at something with these large market caps, it is very hard for something that big to grow that rapidly.”

On the buy side, Mr. Eddins rejects the current anti-retail stock as over done and pounds the table for an unloved stock:

“One stock in particular we like is Kohl’s (NYSE:KSS). It is fairly unique in its niche. I think Kohl’s is unfairly lumped in with Macy’s (NYSE:M) at times, and we feel Kohl’s is in a better position than Macy’s. We also like the Kohl’s dividend. It’s currently 5.6%.”

Mr. Eddins also has a number of picks in the oil and gas sector:   “…there are only two groups that we find that are undervalued at the moment. One of them  is oil, and the other is retail.”

To see more of Hal Eddins’ contrarian stock picks including his controversial oil stock selections, read the entire interview at the Wall Street Transcript.