Edward Paul Hemmelgarn is Making Money Fly Higher at Shaker Investments

June 1, 2018

Edward Paul Hemmelgarn is the Founder, President, Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager, Member and Director at Shaker Investments LLC. His prior professional experience includes mergers and acquisitions, accounting, commercial banking and biochemical research. Prior to founding the firm in 1991, Mr. Hemmelgarn was the Chief Financial Officer of Retail Banking at Ameritrust Corporation. Prior to that, he worked at Ernst & Young, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, and other forms of strategic and financial management consulting.

In this 2,969 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Edward Paul Hemmelgarn details his portfolio strategy and specific top picks.

“We like businesses that have real moats or monopolies, where they offer products or services that are unique and in demand, a phrase that I like in that, it’s something that is very differentiable and in demand.”

“…It’s a very long-term, debilitating disease, and the percentage of the population in the United States that is obese or diabetic has been growing dramatically.

The good news is the tremendous improvements that have been made over the last five to 10 years, and ones we expect to be seeing over the next five years. As these come together, there will be even more dramatic improvements in the treatment of individuals with diabetes, and taking the lead in this are two companies.

One is Dexcom (NASDAQ:DXCM), and that’s the leader in pursuing a device that is called a CGM, or continuous glucose monitoring device. A CGM allows a patient to know at all times what their blood sugar levels are and tracks that, communicates with other devices, lets the patient know if their blood sugar level is too low through an alert because that’s a danger.”

To get the rest of the top picks from award winning portfolio manager Edward Paul Hemmelgarn, read the entire 2,969 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript.