Vyant Bio (NASD: VYNT) is on the Cutting Edge of Biotech Drug Development

March 23, 2022
Jay Roberts is the President and CEO of Vyant Bio (NASD:  VYNT)

Jay Roberts, President and CEO, Vyant Bio (NASD: VYNT)

Jay Roberts has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Vyant Bio, Inc. since 2018.

Mr. Roberts had previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of Cancer Genetics. Prior to joining Cancer Genetics, Mr. Roberts served as the Chief Financial Officer for VirMedica, Inc., an innovative technology solutions company that provides an end-to-end platform that enables specialty-drug manufacturers and pharmacies to optimize product commercialization and management.

Before VirMedica, Mr. Roberts was the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions Inc., a global health care analytics and services organization.

Prior to that, Mr. Roberts also served as the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer for InfoLogix, Inc., a publicly traded, health care-centric mobile software and solutions provider.

He has also held CFO roles at leading public medical device and health care services firms including Clarient, Inc., a publicly traded provider of diagnostic laboratory services, and Daou Systems, Inc., a publicly traded health care IT software development and services firm.

In addition, he has held key senior executive roles with MEDecision, Inc., HealthOnline, Inc., and the Center for Health Information.

Mr. Roberts earned a bachelor of science and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Maine.

He is a member of the Fellows and a former member of the board of directors and Past Chair for the Drug Information Association, a global neutral forum enabling drug developers and regulators access to education and collaboration.

Mr. Roberts also serves on the board of directors of Cohere-Med Inc., a clinical analytics company.

In this 2,291 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript, Jay Roberts details the recent developments and makes the investment case for Vyant Bio (NASD: VYNT).

“Post merger — March 31, 2021 — throughout the remainder of 2021 and coming into 2022, we have meaningfully focused the business on neurological degenerative and developmental diseases. StemoniX had a very mature and commercially ready iPSC — or organoid screening capability — which now allows us to screen thousands of potential drug candidates to treat very specific biological targets.

This approach allows us to discover drugs that treat neurological diseases. Vyant Bio’s current focus is working on two rare diseases — CDKL5 deficiency disorder and Rett Syndrome.

CDKL5 deficiency disorder affects primarily female infants. CDKL5 is a very difficult disease to treat. It is a terrible disease which currently has large unmet medical needs. Currently, there is no approved drug for this particular disease.”

Vyant Bio (NASD: VYNT) also has a drug treatment in development for Rett Syndrome:

“We are also working to treat Rett Syndrome. Rett affects young children, mostly females similar to CDKL5 including characteristics of the disease phenotype. Rett is first diagnosed in children from the approximate age of six months to about 18 months, but it is a lifelong disease. Currently there are no approved therapeutics for this disease indication.

We also have a broader view toward neurological degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, which can lead into future work for treating Alzheimer’s disease.

We are highly focused on neurological diseases, which is why it is important for us to advance our microBrain organoid technology, and combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data capabilities, our platform then allows us to accelerate and de-risk our decisions to identify novel and repurposed therapeutics.”

The CEO Jay Roberts believes that investors will benefit from taking a closer look at Vyant Bio (NASD: VYNT):

“The upside is that we believe that we have an undervalued stock.

We believe that we have a significant amount of potential as we think about our therapeutic areas of interest.

The drugs that Vyant Bio can get into the clinic and then ultimately into patients, we believe, are greatly valued and will be a large opportunity for investors to join us in that journey.”

Get all the details for the upside in this biotech stock by reading the entire 2,291 word interview with Jay Roberts, CEO of Vyant Bio (NASD:  VYNT), exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript.

Jay Roberts, President & CEO

Vyant Bio, Inc.

email: info@vyantbio.com