Brian Boyle, Chief Investment Officer of Boyle Capital, Offers Up Some Value Portfolio Picks

November 30, 2017

Brian Boyle is the Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer of Boyle Capital. Mr. Boyle founded Boyle Capital in 2004, and as President and Chief Investment Officer, he is responsible for investment management and asset allocation at the firm. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s in finance.  In this exclusive interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Boyle details some interesting guidance for the current market.

“Growth is enjoying the longest outperformance relative to value on record. The two longest periods before this were the late 1990s, early 2000s and the early 1970s. In both cases, the underperformance of value relative to growth corrected, and when it corrected, the correction was rather sharp. We are not predicting a major market correction, but it is important for investors to understand where they’re at in the cycle. And from where we sit, the growth over value is extremely long in the tooth.”

Brian Boyle does pick at least one sector to outperform in the next two years.  “Energy is one area we see value today as it is among the most hated sector and maybe the most hated it has ever been relative to the broader market. Within the energy sector, some of the areas that we find to be attractive would be more in the natural gas space. When we look at supply-and-demand fundamentals, we look at the third quarter as being kind of an important quarter for the overall energy markets.  The consensus has been for the last year and a half that prices are going to stay lower for longer and that there is an abundant amount of natural gas in the ground that can be accessed at almost any price. And yet, what we see is that supply growth, while it’s up a little year over year, has slowed considerably over the last couple of years to the point where the non-weather demand growth is now exceeding supply growth by quite a margin.”

To see specific names that Mr. Boyle has chosen, read the entire interview at the Wall Street Transcript.