Asset Management: the Best Money Manager Interviews of 2021

January 18, 2022

Asset management has a long term goal:  the acceleration of returns greater than the overall market with the preservation of your client’s capital.  Developing an investment philosophy and the discipline required to see it through many years of market volatility is a highly prized skill that creates measured value.  The asset management firms, money managers, and portfolio managers that are profiled in these very detailed interviews demonstrate the top professionals in this business today.

Bottom Up Stock Selection on Both the Long and Short Side

“Sector agnostic on both the long and short side of the strategy…By design, we avoid high short interest stocks. We don’t use leverage and we don’t use derivatives…Then, waiting to see if our thesis plays out.”

Chris Wright, CFA, is a portfolio manager at Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management

Chris Wright, Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management

Double Digit Returns for Investors

Mike Moore and John Birkett are “bottom-up fundamental analysts” who invest both long and short.

John Birkett is a senior analyst at Goodnow Investment Group

John Birkett, Goodnow Investment Group

Mike Moore is a senior analyst at Goodnow Investment Group

Mike Moore, Goodnow Investment Group

Find Unique ESG Investments with Fairpointe

Frances Tuite finds the best values in the ESG investment space, often overlooked value gems.

Frances E. Tuite is a Co-Portfolio Manager for Fairpointe Capital

Frances E. Tuite, Fairpointe Capital

Smaller is Better in High Yield Investing

Robert Sydow finds the high yield credit opportunities that his competitors overlook due to small deal size.

 Robert Sydow runs High Yield and Leveraged Loans at Mesirow Financial.

Robert Sydow, Mesirow Financial

Global Deep Value Stocks with Significant Upside Potential

“We seek unique, deep value ideas on a global basis…We have offices in Singapore, India, as well as in the U.S.”

Sandy Mehta, CFA, s the Founder and CEO of Value Investment Principals

Sandy Mehta, Value Investment Principals

Buy Industry Leaders When They’re Down

“You buy good companies and you hold them forever. You hold them and don’t ever sell. You don’t pay any tax unless they change the rules on you…”

Bobby Edgerton is a Co-Founder of the Capital Investment Companies

Bobby Edgerton, Capital Investment Companies

U.S. Structured Credit Markets for Higher Current Income

“The Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income Fund is a unique strategy focused on identifying the best relative value within the U.S. structured credit markets, predominantly mortgage credit.”

Sam Dunlap is a Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of public strategies at Angel Oak Capital Advisors

Sam Dunlap, Angel Oak Capital Advisors

Quality Small- and Mid-Caps Deliver Better Performance

“What we see is investors overpaying for high-beta stocks and underpricing high-quality, stable, boring businesses. We believe that the opposite should be true. Investors should place a premium on these companies that can deliver stable and growing free cash flows and returns on invested capital in excess of the cost of capital.”

Jeff Kautz is Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager of Ballast Equity Management

Jeff Kautz, Ballast Equity Management

Randy Hughes is Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager of Ballast Equity Management

Randy Hughes, Ballast Equity Management

With Higher Rates Looming, Tax Optimization Is Even More Essential

The complex nature of tax policy in the United States creates specific investment hurdles for each individual taxpayer.  The professionals at Knightsbridge Capital use their experience to maximize the returns for their investors.

John Birkett is a senior analyst at Goodnow Investment Group

John Prichard, Knightsbridge Capital Management

Kurt Beimfohr is a principal at Knightsbridge Wealth Management

Kurt Beimfohr, Knightsbridge Wealth Management

Investment Returns Become Magnified from Out-of-Favor Stocks

Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group finds the out-of-favor value plays that return big when 2020 becomes 2021 and beyond.  These money managers believe in Aesop:  “That in the End, the steady, resourceful & relentless Tortoise Still Wins the Race.”

Phil Grodnick founded Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group

Phil Grodnick, Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group

Harrison Grodnick, CFA, founded Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group

Harrison Grodnick, Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group