Phil Grodnick

Grodnick, Phil

Phil Grodnick founded Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group in 2004. Earlier, he was Senior Portfolio Strategist for Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group at Wachovia Securities and was a Senior Portfolio Management Director at Salomon Smith Barney. Previously, he managed equity and balanced portfolios at Dean Witter Reynolds, where he also was director of the institutional and retail municipal bond departments and assistant branch manager in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. Grodnick oversaw portfolios at EF Hutton & Co., Bache Halsey Stuart and EI DuPont & Co. In 1966, Mr. Grodnick was admitted as an Allied Member of the New York Stock Exchange with Loewi & Co., of which he was a principal. He began his career at Piper Jaffray & Hopwood. Mr. Grodnick is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and the New York Institute of Finance.