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Thomas Watjen – Unumprovident Corporation (unm)

THOMAS R. WATJEN became President and Chief Executive Officer of UnumProvident Corporation on March 31, 2003. As President and CEO, Mr. Watjen, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, sets the overall strategic direction and objectives of the company, and develops an operating strategy to fulfill those objectives. In addition, he establishes short-term and long-term business and financial plans, strategies and policies to meet the objectives of shareholders, employees, customers, brokers and other stakeholders. Mr. Watjen joined Provident in July 1994 as Executive Vice President and CFO. In March 1997, he was named Vice Chairman and Director of Provident Companies, Inc., In June 1999, Mr. Watjen was named Executive Vice President, Finance and Risk Management of UnumProvident Corporation, the entity that resulted from the merger of Provident Companies, Inc. and UNUM Corporation. In May 2002, he was named Vice Chairman and COO and elected to the Board of Directors. Prior to joining Provident, he was a Managing Director at the investment banking firm of Morgan Stanley and Company. He also worked as a Partner with Conning & Company and in the corporate finance areas of Aetna Life and Casualty. Mr. Watjen received his BS in Economics from Virginia Military Institute in 1976 and his MBA from Darden School at the University of Virginia in 1981. Profile
TWST: Could you give us a brief history of UnumProvident as well as an

overview of things at the present time?

Mr. Watjen: UnumProvident today represents the combination of several