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RICHARD H. FRIEDMAN is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MIM Corporation, a pharmaceutical healthcare organization. Mr. Friedman joined MIM as Chief Operating and Financial Officer in 1996. He was instrumental in taking the company public in August of 1996, an offering that yielded $47 million. In May 1998, he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer and was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors. Before joining MIM, Mr. Friedman served as the Chief Financial Officer responsible for all finance, accounting and treasury functions for Zenith Laboratories Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of generic drugs. Under his guidance, Zenith reached its highest levels of profitability. In connection with its financial success the company's stock rose from approximately $11 per share to $90 per share from 1992-1994. Mr. Friedman was a leading member of the team that orchestrated Zenith's sale to IVAX, yielding Zenith's shareholders in excess of $600 million. Profile
TWST: What is MIM Corporation?

Mr. Friedman: MIM Corporation is a pharmaceutical healthcare

organization that operates two business segments. One is specialty

pharmaceutical, which is the