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Marc Geiger – Artistdirect Inc (artdd)

MARC P. GEIGER is a co-Founder of ARTISTdirect, Inc. and had served as Chief Executive Officer since inception and as Chairman of the Board since July 1998. From January 1992 to December 1996, Mr. Geiger was the Senior Vice President of Marketing, A&R and New Media at American Recordings, Inc. From 1984 to 1991, Mr. Geiger worked as a talent agent for Regency Artists, that was later acquired by the William Morris Agency. In 1990, Mr. Geiger co-Founded the Lollapalooza concert tour. Profile
TWST: Could you begin with a brief historical sketch of ARTISTdirect,

Incorporated, and an overview of the company as it is now?

Mr. Geiger: The company started in January of 1997 with the