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Investing In Small-cap Stocks: Steward Kalter – Andrew Alexander Wise & Company Inc

STEWART KALTER is Director of Corporate Finance and Research at Andrew Alexander Wise & Company, Inc., a full-service broker/dealer, offering corporate finance, trading and institutional equity research capabilities. He has been with the firm since June 2001. Prior to that he was Director of Research at Global Capital Markets, having served in that capacity since 1999. Mr. Kalter was a Research Analyst with Spencer Clarke during 1998 and 1999. From 1995 until 1997 he served as a Research Associate with Bishop Allen. Mr. Kalter has a BS in Accounting from Widener University and an MBA in Banking and Finance from Hofstra University. Profile
TWST: What are the attributes of small caps that are relevant to

investors today?

Mr. Kalter: Obviously, during the past year the small caps have

outperformed the large caps because people