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Industry Concentration Benefits Engineering and Enterprise Software Names

Vleeschhouwer, Jay
Jay Vleeschhouwer is Managing Director - Software Research at Griffin Securities. Mr. Vleeschhouwer has over 40 years of research analyst experience in the technology sector, including software, computer hardware and imaging technology. He formerly was senior analyst at Merrill Lynch, Josephthal Lyon & Ross, Bear Stearns, and Cantor Fitzgerald. He was ranked by Refinitiv Starmine Analyst Awards (U.S.) #1 in “top stock pickers.” Mr. Vleeschhouwer received a B.A. degree in economics and political science from UCLA and an MBA degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Profile
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TWST: Could you tell me about your coverage?

Mr. Vleeschhouwer: I cover what is referred to as engineering and enterprise software. In