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Gerard Hayden Jr. – Private Business Inc (pbiz)

GERARD M. HAYDEN JR., Chief Financial Officer of Private Business, Inc., joined the company in November 2001. Prior to joining Private Business, Mr. Hayden served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Covation from 1998 until 2001. Covation is a managed care application service provider financed by Bank of America and Andersen Consulting. Previously, he held Chief Financial Officer positions with Meridian Occupational Healthcare Associates, Inc., ENVOY (now part of WebMD, NASDAQ: HLTH), Allied Clinical Laboratories, Inc., and Lincoln National/Peak Health Plan. A graduate of Notre Dame and Northeastern University, Mr. Hayden has extensive transaction and public company experience. Profile
TWST: Could we begin with a brief historical sketch of the

company and then an overview of what you're doing at the present


Mr. Hayden: The company was founded in 1990. Its primary