Technology >> CEO Interviews >> June 25, 2001

Christopher Kenber – Hi/fn Inc (hifn)

CHRISTOPHER G. KENBER has served as President and CEO of Hifn, Inc., since August 2000, and as Chairman since October, 2001. He joined Hifn from Apptitude, Inc., where he was President and Chief Executive Officer from 1998. Mr. Kenber has held a number of CEO positions with companies in the high-technology area as well as consulting to several venture capital funds. Prior to his tenure with Apptitude, he was the President and CEO of Aonix Inc., a developer of object-oriented software tools. Previously, Mr. Kenber was Executive Vice President of Ingres Corporation, and a Senior Vice President at MICOM Systems. Mr. Kenber spent 17 years at IBM Corporation, where he held multiple sales, marketing and business management positions. Mr. Kenber has a degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Oxford University and has served on multiple local government and not-for-profit boards. Profile
TWST: We'd like to begin as we always do with a historical sketch and an

overview of the company.

Mr. Kenber: hi/fn was created as a spinout of a company called Stac.

Stac, for about 15