Ruann F. Ernst

RUANN F. ERNST is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Digital
Island. Ms. Ernst has extensive experience directing Fortune 100
technology companies spanning over 20 years. Ms. Ernst spent the past 10
years at Hewlett-Packard Company, where her most recent position was
General Manager, Financial Services Business Unit. She grew HP’s
financial services at twice the rate of HP’s computer systems, and four
times the market growth rate. At HP, Ms. Ernst initiated efforts in
Internet banking, e-commerce and customer service delivery. She also
initiated HP’s $1.2-billion acquisition of VeriFone. Prior to HP, Ms.
Ernst was Vice President and General Manager, Applications Marketing
Operation with General Electric Information Services Co. (GEIS),
launching value-added network services in retail, distribution, online
consumer services and electronic mail. She has also served as Director,
Medical Computing Services Division and Assistant Professor, Medicine
and Computer Science at the Ohio State University, as well as a
Congressional Fellow in the Office of Technology Assessment. In
addition, Ms. Ernst serves on three boards: The Institute for the
Future; Phoenix International; and Advanced Fiber Communications. Ms.
Ernst holds a PhD in Technology and Organizational Change, a Master’s
degree in Computer Science and a BS degree in Mathematics from the Ohio
State University.

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