Randall C. Fowler

Randall C. Fowler is the Founder, Chairman, President and Chief
Executive officer of Identix, Incorporated in Sunnyvale, California. He
received a BSME from the University of Louisville in 1962, an MSE from
the Arizona State University in 1965, and a Doctorate of Engineering
from Stanford University in 1969. He has held various general
management, project management, and technical positions with several
companies and was Assistant Professor at San Jose State University for
several years. He was also a founding Chairman for the International
Biometrics Association and currently holds Board positions in ANADAC,
Incorporated, Fingerscan Corporation, Sylvan Joint Ventures, Ophthalmic
Imaging Systems and is a Member of The Band of Angels Investment Group
in Silicon Valley. He has been awarded The Professional Award in
Engineering from the Speed Scientific School at the University of
Louisville in 1987. Additionally, he was awarded the Silicon Valley
Entrepreneur of the Year in May 1997 and received the Westergaard Kjakan
Award in 1998. His company, Identix, has received a number of national
and local awards for achievement, including: Fast 100 companies in the
Nation, 1995; Fast 500 companies in the Nation, 1997; Fast 50 companies
in Silicon Valley, 1996; Fast 50 companies in Silicon Valley, 1997; Fast
100 companies in Silicon Valley, 1999. He has also been widely published
in various periodicals on assorted topics of business and technology. He
holds various hardware and software patents for Electro-optical devices
and analysis as well as attitude control and stability patents for
spacecraft flight.

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