Michael T. Flavin

MICHAEL T. FLAVIN is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
Advanced Life Sciences. He was the Founder, Chief Executive
Officer and Chairman of MediChem Life Sciences. Dr. Flavin took
MediChem from start-up in 1987 through many stages of development
including the successful completion of MediChem’s $35 million
private placement with J.P. Morgan Capital Partners in 1999, the
acquisition and integration of ThermoGen and Emerald
Biostructures as MediChem subsidiaries and MediChem’s October $54
million IPO. He also oversaw formation of the AXAS subsidiary and
contract with the U.S. Department of Energy and management of the
COMCAT beam line at the Advanced Photon Source at Argone National
Laboratory. MediChem was acquired in 2002 by decode genetics for
$83 million in stock. Dr. Flavin received a Bachelor of Science
in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and
completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University. Prior
to Dr. Flavin’s success at MediChem he worked as a Senior
Research Associate for Baxter International. Dr. Flavin is also
an Adjunct Professor for both the Graduate School of Business at
Benedictine University and the Department of Medicinal Chemistry
& Pharmacognosy at the University of Illinois at Chicago.