Michael A. Torres

MICHAEL A. TORRES is President of Lend Lease Rosen. He is a
portfolio manager and is responsible for operations, client
services and research. Mr. Torres joined the firm in February
1995. He has 15 years of real estate and securities research
experience. Mr. Torres earned a BA in Architecture and an MBA
from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to joining
Lend Lease Rosen, he was the Director of Real Estate Research and
a portfolio manager for Wilshire Asset Management. Mr. Torres is
a member of the Board of Directors of Manufactured Home
Communities, Inc., and the Lend Lease Funds. In addition, he is a
member of the New America Alliance and the Board of Advisors of
the Corporate Governance Center at the School of Business at
Kennesaw State College, and has been a mentor in the Toigo
Foundation’s Mentor Program.