Malcolm E. Ratliff

MALCOLM (MICHAEL) E. RATLIFF is Chairman and CEO of Tengasco,
Inc. He attended the University of Mississippi and since 1971 has
been involved in the oil and gas business with 30 years of hands-
on experience in drilling and development of oil and gas wells,
seismic studies and laying pipelines onshore and offshore. Mr.
Ratliff holds numerous oil and gas investments in companies
throughout the United States. In April 1995, he was instrumental
in the founding of Tengasco, Inc., and served as a consultant to
the company’s Board of Directors. Beginning March 13, 1997, he
became an Officer of the company. On April 21, 1998, at the
request of Tengasco, Inc.’s Board of Directors, Mr. Ratliff
agreed to become Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the