M. Farooq Kathwari

M. FAROOQ KATHWARI is the Chairman, President and CEO of Ethan Allen
Interiors, Inc. He has been President of the company since 1985 and
Chairman and CEO since 1998. Under Mr. Kathwari’s leadership, Ethan
Allen has been transformed into a leading manufacturer and retailer of
home furnishings in the United States. He received his BA from Kashmir
University in English Literature and Political Science and an MBA in
International Marketing from New York University. Mr. Kathwari is a
founding member of the Kashmir Study Group, a member of the Council on
Foreign Relations, a Trustee of the National Policy Association, a
member of the Board of the National Retail Federation, President of
American Furniture Manufacturers Association (AFMA), a Director of
Western Connecticut University Foundation, a Director of the Institute
for the Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University, and a Director of
Refugees International. He also serves on the Board of HON Industries.
Mr. Kathwari has received several recognitions, including ‘National
Human Relations Award’ 1995 by the American Jewish Committee; the
‘American Muslim Achievement Award’ 1997 by the Islamic Center of
Southern California; ‘Leader of the Year Award’ in 1997 by Furniture
Today; in 1999 Worth magazine recognition as one of 50 Best CEOs in USA;
‘University Recognition Award’ 2001 by Western Connecticut State