Laura J. Sloate

LAURA J. SLOATE is Chairman, Treasurer, Chief Investment Officer and
Director of Research at Sloate Weisman Murray & Company, Inc., which
she founded in 1974. Ms. Sloate is Chairman and Treasurer of SWM
Securities. In January 1988 Ms. Sloate founded Amadeus Partners, LP, and
is a General Partner. From 1968 to 1974 she was a Security Analyst for
Scheinman, Hochstin & Trotta, Account Executive and Security Analyst for
Neuberger, Berman & Company and Account Executive and Security Analyst
for Drexel Burnham & Company. In 1962 Ms. Sloate won the Mayor’s
Citation and Private School Honors from Calhoun High School. While at
Barnard College, Ms. Sloate won an Honorary Woodrow Wilson Scholarship
with honors in History and earned an MA degree from Columbia Graduate
Faculties. She was an adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University
Graduate School of Business, and is an Emeritus member of the Board of
Trustees, Committee on Investments and Committee on Budget and Finance
for Barnard College. Ms. Sloate is on the Board of Directors of the
Richard Tucker Music Foundation and the Michael Wolk Heart Foundation.
Ms. Sloate is a Managing Director of the Metropolitan Opera Association
and Chairman of the Investment Committee and a member of the Finance
Committee of the Metropolitan Opera Association. Ms. Sloate is a member
of the Central Synagogue Investment Committee. Ms. Sloate is a Chartered
Financial Analyst and a member of the New York Society of Security