Jane Williams

JANE WILLIAMS is CEO and co-Founder of Sand Hill Advisors. Sand Hill
Advisors is a financial advisement and wealth-management firm providing
comprehensive services to high net worth individuals, their businesses
and their families in Northern California for over 20 years. After
spending eight years with Merrill Lynch, Ms. Williams co-founded Sand
Hill Advisors, Inc., in 1982. Besides managing clients’ assets, she has
specialized in providing individuals in transition with financial advice
specific to their needs. Ms. Williams has served as Director on the
Boards of two publicly traded mutual funds, as well as non-profit
organizations. She currently is a Vice President of the World Funds,
Inc., and serves on the Board of the Peninsula Community Foundation.
After earning her degree in Economics from Boston University, Ms.
Williams co-authored a book in banking innovation through the Economic
Council of Canada.

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February 09, 2004