James P. O'Mealia

JAMES P. O’MEALIA is a Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at
Fox Asset Management, an Eaton Vance Company. He is a member of the
firm’s Investment Committee and is directly responsible for the
management of the firm’s hedge funds and alternative investment
products. Mr. O’Mealia was formerly the President of Sunnymeath Asset
Management, Inc., which managed equity and fixed income partnerships and
served as a consultant to IBJ Schroder Bank & Trust. At McGlinn Capital
Management, he was Chief Operating Officer and served as a manager for
the firm’s equity and high yield investments and directed the firm’s
research effort. Mr. O’Mealia was previously the Vice President in
charge and was directly responsible for the management of $1.2 billion
of public mutual funds and insurance company assets. He began his
career as an analyst for Argus Research where he covered a variety of
industries. A member of the Association for Investment Management and
Research, the New York Society of Securities Analysts and the National
Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts, Mr. O’Mealia holds BA
degrees in English and Economics from St. Lawrence University.