Frank Massino

FRANK MASSINO has been Chairman and CEO of Senetek PLC since
November 1998. Drawing on his professional management experience
at major corporations such as Glaxo, Ortho Pharmaceutical
Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and IBM, Mr. Massino has
reshaped the corporate structure of Senetek, defined its
strategic direction, and focused the company soundly on its core
competencies. During his career, Mr. Massino has successfully
negotiated more than 40 licensing agreements with major
pharmaceutical companies. For nine years he held executive
management positions at Ortho Pharmaceutical, including Director
of Business Development and New Products, and in 1982, was named
‘Division Manager of the Year.’ While at Ortho, he was Product
Manager for Retin-A, a leading prescription product for the
treatment of acne. In addition, Mr. Massino was involved in the
development of Renova’, which in 1995, was also approved for
anti-aging applications under the Renova trademark, and directed
major product launches for the company. As Product Director of
Marketing and Division Sales Manager at Glaxo Inc., he re-
positioned a mature line of corticosteroids into a $50 million
psoriasis business, successfully launched two new ethical
pharmaceutical products, and championed the internal development
of two critically important product line extensions. Mr. Massino
holds a degree in Finance and Chemistry from the University of
Illinois and is a graduate of the Marketing Management Program of
the Columbia Executive Program at Columbia University and the
Management of Managers Program of the Graduate School of Business
Administration at the University of Michigan. Mr. Massino is
highly experienced in drug delivery technology and holds a patent
on a drug delivery device. He is an active member of the
Licensing Executive Society.