Steven C. Quay

DR. STEVEN C. QUAY has been employed by Nastech Pharmaceutical Company
Inc. since August 2000 as Chairman of the Board, President and Chief
Executive Officer. In 1999, Dr. Quay founded and was Chairman, President
and Chief Executive Officer of Atossa, which focused on the development
of a proprietary platform of diagnostics and treatments related to
breast cancer risk assessment and therapeutics and other healthcare
products for women. Nastech acquired Atossa in August 2000. In 1991, Dr.
Quay founded Sonus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a company engaged in the
research and development of drug delivery systems and oxygen delivery
products based on emulsion and surfactant technology, where he served as
Chief Executive Officer, President and a Director until June 1999. In
1984, Dr. Quay founded Salutar, Inc., to develop contrast agents for
magnetic resonance imaging. Two pharmaceuticals, OmniScan’ and
TeslaScan’, were invented by Dr. Quay at Salutar and are now FDA-
approved for sale in the United States and other countries. Dr. Quay has
authored more than 100 papers in diagnostic imaging, oncology and
biochemistry and holds 51 US patents. Dr. Quay graduated from the
University of Michigan Medical School, where he received an MA and a PhD
in Biological Chemistry in 1974 and 1975, respectively, and an MD in
1977. Dr. Quay completed his post-graduate work in the Chemistry
Department of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received his
residency training at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical
School in Boston. From 1980 to 1986, he was a faculty member of Stanford
University School of Medicine.