David Vaughan

DAVID VAUGHAN is President and Chief Investment Officer of David Vaughan
Investments, Inc. He is at the helm of the DVI Investment Committee,
with direct responsibility for the firm’s investment process. His
dedication to clients and their best interests sets the standard for the
entire firm. Mr. Vaughan received a BA from the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign. An investment advisor since 1970, he has managed
both institutional and individual assets and achieved national
recognition for developing a common stock investment strategy, which
focuses on the management of risk. Mr. Vaughan and his wife have three
children and seven grandchildren. Regarded as a Renaissance man, he has
an encyclopedic knowledge that spans from Oscar-winning dramas to duck
decoys. His love for the outdoors is matched only by his appreciation
for fine art, some of which he is delighted to share with clients at his
Illinois and Florida offices.