David L. Ayares

DAVID L. AYARES is Chief Executive Officer of Revivicor, Inc., a
recently formed spinoff company of PPL Therapeutics Inc. focused on
biomedical products and regenerative medicine. Prior to the formation of
Revivicor in April 2003, he was Vice President of Research and COO for
PPL Therapeutics Inc. Dr. Ayares previously worked for seven years in
the pharmaceutical industry and two years as a Senior Scientist and
Molecular Biology Manager in the Gene Therapy Division at Baxter
Healthcare, managing a scientific team working on the development of
adenovirus and AAV-based vector systems for in vivo gene therapy
applications. He previously worked five years at Abbott Laboratories, as
Head of Transgenic Technology, developing transgenic mouse models for
pharmaceuticals testing. He did doctoral research at the University of
Illinois Medical Center and post-doctoral research, in the Department of
Biology at MIT, focused on the study of homologous recombination and DNA
repair mechanisms in mammalian systems.